Greek food is the result of different cultures including the Roman and thousands of years of history that include large movements of foreigners within what is now known as the Hellenic Republic or Greece.

The Greeks were always excellent navigators and skillful merchants, due to these 2 factors, most of the cities that share the Mediterranean Sea have many ingredients of Greek cuisine, such as the famous olive oil and garlic.

Greek gastronomy is famous almost all over the world and the most popular of this is the typical Greek salad that is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese, olive oil and salt. Although it seems so simple, this salad is a delicacy and is perfect as a starter.

Within Greek cuisine, marine dishes should also be mentioned. Due to its proximity to the sea, the Greeks have known how to take advantage of what the sea has offered them and many of their dishes contain squid, prawns and delicious fish, of course always cooked with olive oil, which gives them an exquisite characteristic flavor.

Characters who created Greek food

In the history of this beautiful country there are 7 characters who were the ones who created Greek food, each of them with different culinary skills. These characters are Aegis, Chariades, Actonente, Nereo, Lampria, Euthyno and Ariston. The latter was the teacher of all and the one who instilled in them a love for cooking.

Currently Greece is one of the main culinary destinations in Europe. This country annually receives more than 30 million foreign tourists, who come to the country to enjoy the beautiful beaches and of course to taste the palate with delicious Greek dishes.