Athens is the capital of a wonderful country known for its excellent food. Having said that, it does not seem like a problem to find good restaurants to eat in this city, however, it is in the cities with the most gastronomic offer that travelers usually have the most problems when choosing the right restaurant. Many travelers think that if they don’t choose the right restaurant they will end up with poor quality food, poor service or both. For this reason we have listed the 5 best restaurants to enjoy delicious food in Athens.

5 of the best restaurants in Athens

1. Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

best restaurants in Athens

This restobar offers delicious wine and food to share such as sandwiches, cheese, salami, among other delicacies. It is a great place to go with friends and have a nice conversation.

15 Agatharchou, Athens.

2. Victory Cafe

victory cafe in athens

This is the perfect restaurant to visit during your lunch time. They offer a wide variety of Greek food that is perfect for people who want to eat spontaneously in the center of the city.

Fillelinon 22, Athens

3. A little taste of home

a little taste of home in athens

This nice restaurant is excellent for people looking for a nice place to have a romantic dinner. The food is delicious and it is also served in impeccable presentations, worthy of a michelin restaurant.

Astiggos 8, Athens.

4. Eatery Bairaktaris

eatery bairaktaris in athens

this is a beautiful restaurant with terrace to eat outside if the weather allows it. Here you can find all kinds of Greek food. The portions are large, but there are also small entrees if you just want a small bite to eat while chatting and sharing drinks.

Aiolou 29, Athens.

5. Caravin Wine & Wanderlust

caravin wine and wanderlust

This is a gorgeous restaurant with great decoration. The food is delicious and the presentation is very beautiful. Prices range from 19 euros to 35 euros for main courses. Without doubt one of the best restaurants in the entire city.

Akamantos 11, Athens.