When it comes to Greek food, there is a wide variety of foods that you can try and that will surely be new to you if you do not live in Europe. Greek food is distinguished by its great flavor and the use of jogurt (obviously Greek) for the preparation of many dishes and many sauces. If you are in Greece do not hesitate to try the following foods.

Some of the best Greek foods

1. Gyros


Gyros is one of the most popular street foods in Greece. It is called Gyros (which means to turn) because it is chicken or beef inside a metal rod that rotates near the fire causing these meats to cook. These meats are previously marinated in sauce so that they acquire a delicious flavor. This meat is cut and put in a pita bread, where vegetables and sauces prepared with Greek jogurt are also added.

2. Musaka


Musaka is the most traditional dish in Greece. It has 5 different layers which makes it look like a lasagna, however, its flavor is very different from this one. The first layer is potato, the second is ground beef, the third is eggplant, the fourth is bechamel sauce, and the last layer is mozzarella cheese. It is an exquisite dish and you will find it in every restaurant.

3. Souvlaki


These are known in other countries as pinchos, which are basically meat or vegetables pierced by a wooden or metal stick and cooked on the grill. The Greeks have known how to invent many varieties of Souvlaki such as beef, lamb, mushrooms, cheese, among other varieties. Souvlaki are commonly served with French fries, onions, and jogurt sauces.

4. Stifado


Stifado is a popular food, especially cooked in Greek homes for lunch. This can be prepared with different types of meat, but the most popular are beef and lamb. This is one of the most widespread Greek dishes in the world and is known as stew.

5. Feta cheese

Greek foods you must try

Feta cheese is found in many Greek foods, especially salads. This cheese is normally made from sheep’s milk and cured in salt for at least 3 months. Because its flavor is very strong, it is not a food that is liked by everyone, however, it is something that you should try it anyway and find out if you like it or not for yourself.