The Corinth Canal is an impressive engineering feat that has been connecting the Ionian and Aegean Seas since the late 19th century. Just a short distance from Athens, it makes for a perfect day trip from the city. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to get to the Corinth Canal from Athens and provide tips and insights to help you make the most of your visit.

Day trip to Corinth canal from Athens

If you’re looking to take a day trip from Athens to the Corinth Canal, the easiest and most convenient way to do so is by taking a guided tour. Many tour operators offer day trips that include transportation to and from the canal, as well as a guided tour of the site. This is an excellent option if you’re short on time or if you want to learn more about the history and engineering behind the canal.

Another option is to take a self-guided trip to the Corinth Canal. You can take the train from Athens to Corinth, which takes about an hour. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to the canal, which is only a short distance away. Once you’re at the canal, you can walk along the pedestrian bridge that spans the canal and take in the stunning views.

From Athens to Corinth canal by car

If you prefer to travel on your own, renting a car is a good option for visiting the Corinth Canal. The drive from Athens to the canal takes about an hour and a half, and you can take in some scenic views along the way. Once you arrive at the canal, there is a parking lot where you can leave your car while you explore.

It’s important to note that the canal can get crowded during peak tourist season, so be sure to plan accordingly. Arriving early in the morning or later in the afternoon can help you avoid the crowds.

Tips to have a great day trip to Corinth Canal

Here are a few tips and insights to help you make the most of your visit to the Corinth Canal:


  • Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on walking along the pedestrian bridge. The bridge is quite long, and there are stairs at both ends.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat if you’re visiting during the summer months. There isn’t much shade at the canal, so it can get quite hot.
  • Be prepared for crowds if you’re visiting during peak tourist season. The canal is a popular attraction, and it can get quite crowded during the summer months.
  • If you’re driving to the canal, be aware that there is a toll to use the bridge that spans the canal. The toll is currently 13 euro for cars.