Athens is a wonderful city, from many points of the city you can see important monuments such as the famous acropolis. It is the dream of many travelers to take a photo or enjoy a high place with a beautiful view. Look no further, because here we have listed some of the restaurants in Athens that have an incredible view over the city and where you can enjoy excellent drinks and food.

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Restaurants with great view in Athens

1. Thissio view restaurant

Athens restaurants with great view

This restaurant is famous for its food as well as for the beautiful view from its terrace. This is a Greek food and hamburger restaurant that is located very close to the national observatory of Athens, which gives it a privileged view of almost all the city. This place can be reached on foot or by taxi.

Apostolou Pavlou 25, Athina 118 51, Greece

2. Sense Rooftop restaurant

sense rooftop restaurant in athens

This is one of the restaurants within the Acropolis of Athens. Without a doubt, its location is enviable. Sense Rooftop restaurant is an incredible Greek gourmet food restaurant. As in this place it is quite an experience and the great view from the place is a perfect complement. To eat in this restaurant it is essential to make a reservation.

Dionysiou Areopagitou 5, Athina 117 42, Greece

3. Electra Roof Garden

electra roof garden restaurant in athens

Electra Roof Garden is located on the eighth floor of the Electra Palace Athens hotel in the city center, very close to the Jewish Museum of Greece. This restaurant serves Greek food but especially meat, however at lunchtime it is also possible to order salads and more classic dishes such as hamburgers and fries. The view from this place is undoubtedly a luxury and even more so at night.

Navarchou Nikodimou 18-20, Athina 105 57, Greece

4. Dinner in the sky Athens

dinner in the sky restaurant in athens

If you want to go to the next level and have an unforgettable experience with a spectacular view, reserve a place at Dinner in the sky. This is a novel restaurant where customers and cooks are lifted around a table many meters high with the help of a crane.

This is definitely not an activity for everyone because there is absolutely nothing under your feet. This experience can be booked through

Below you will find other restaurants and bars that also have a beautiful view of Athens:

Point to (Acropolis Point)
Hill Athens Rooftop Restaurant
GH Attikos Restaurant
Stork Rooftop Bar Restaurant
Strofi Athenian Restaurant
Peacock Bar & Restaurant